Bethany Lutheran Church in Amasa began in 1898, in homes and the school house when a minister was available.  In the beginning of the 20th centry the Finnish Temperance Society built a two story hall in the present location of the Post Office.  Church services were held on the first floor of the building.


On November 5. 1899 by-laws were drawn up by the congregation and selection for the name, "The Amasa Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church".


The church was incorporated on July 8, 1900.  On April 5, 1903 the congregaton became affiliated with the Soumi Synod of the Lutheran Church.


The use of the temperance hall for church services continued until 1912 when arrangements were made with the Maria Lutheran Church (Swedish)for the use of that church for worship services.  This arrangement continued until 1925 when the congregation purchased a portion of the "old" school building.  This structure was completely remodeled before its dedication on August 29, 1926.  On May 25, 1949 the congregation changed its name to "Bethany Lutheran Church" (suomi Synod), and on December 1, 1950 was newly incorporated.  


In 1962 through a merger of Lutheran Chruch bodies, the Bethany Luthean Church and the Maria Lutheran Chruch were brought under the same church jurisdiction. Due to financial constraints during this time of economic strain, the Maria Lutheran Church members voted to  join the Bethany congregation, and the two congregations merged.


Bethany Lutheran is now a part of the ELCA, Evangelical Churches of America, the Great Lakes Synod.